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A Sliver of Right 9: Evening Flesh

The concept of the “living dead” has been an obsession of mine ever since I was a child. My introduction was the movie “Night of the Living Dead.”

I watched “Night of the Living Dead” every day after school. In fact, every day was a double-feature of sameness: Night of the Living Dead and Blazing Saddles. I memorized all the dialogue of both movies. I could tell you the exact number of times mother was stabbed with a hand shovel, (16) as well as recite all of Cleavon Little’s choice lines. (“Baby please, I’m not from Havana.”)

Eventually, I insisted to my parents that I wanted to see “Return of the Living Dead.” Since I was already an auteur of some ROMERO zombie mythos, I felt confident that “Return of the Living Dead” would be just another zombie movie I could catalogue and re-watch with fascination. They acquiesced.

The first twenty minutes I laughed along with my folks. I got the dark humour, the slapstick comedy of the terminal duo exposed to the fictitious chemical 2-4-5 trioxin.

Then I saw tar man…
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A Sliver of Right 5: Finely Tuned Meat

This song was never meant to be performed by me. You may hear me singing this song, but I will always hear Billie Holiday taking it to a terribly seductive and despondent realm. This song is for a chanteuse; singing her heart out to an indifferent audience of transients and addicts. The smoke is thick, and the collective blood thinned by whiskey. An ideal environment to menace the lonely with a direct altruism:

“Love is gonna kill you.”

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