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Fleeting moments of luck behind the lens.

The Story of The Blond Aether Album Cover

The Blond Aether album cover:


This surreal photo was taken on one foggy September morning while I was en route to work. On a clear day, you would ignore this little vista and instead observe Toronto and its engorged sprawl out in the distance. Perhaps you may even wonder how long before that sprawl starts to stagger up this pristine hillside. It would be a fleeting thought, because the apprehension of commuting Canada’s sole highway is fast approaching.

On this day, I did not see Toronto, and instead saw what you see now. I stopped my car on a steep incline side road and crossed the highway without incident. This part of the highway has a sharp bend, and is difficult to see oncoming traffic on the clearest of days.

I didn’t check my camera settings. I just pointed and shot. Five photos were taken in total. The first shot was used for The Blond Aether cover. It was the epitome of luck.

There was some post processing done with Adobe Lightroom to only raise the exposure and clarity. But there was no additional editing or modifications made to the content of the photo. That’s how lucky I was. Here is the original shot: Dearvincent

Here is the same shot processed and used for the cover. tba_original

The photo is called “Dear Vincent” because of a series of letters I wrote years ago which were a writing exercise/therapy to rationalize and understand my (then) bizarre mental state. Within those letters, I make a reference to a state of mind called the Blond Aether.

Is Vincent real? Yes, and he’d likely be very terrified or amused by what I wrote. Fortunately, Vincent will never know.

I no longer write to Vincent.

The Local Artist

I practice photography. Whether I am any good or not is irrelevant. This is a catalogue of lucky moments that exceed my skill. 

The Local Artist

This is a local whom I see everyday. When he first arrived in town years ago, he wore a black hooded robe and traversed the Main Street during morning hours. Over time, the hood was substituted for a leather jacket. Eventually he acquired a steady girlfriend that is employed at the local christian-themed cafe.

I always wanted to speak to him, but I was always driving to work. Work punishes you for creating interesting life experiences, or being late.

These shots were taken outside of a laundromat that had a Saturday grand opening. He and his girlfriend were purifying their garments of sin. I asked the gentleman if I could take a few shots. He indulged my whimsy. He told me that he is an artist with a passion for drawing and playing music. Hence the title “Local Artist.”

These are two best shots from the set.