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The Local Artist

I practice photography. Whether I am any good or not is irrelevant. This is a catalogue of lucky moments that exceed my skill. 

The Local Artist

This is a local whom I see everyday. When he first arrived in town years ago, he wore a black hooded robe and traversed the Main Street during morning hours. Over time, the hood was substituted for a leather jacket. Eventually he acquired a steady girlfriend that is employed at the local christian-themed cafe.

I always wanted to speak to him, but I was always driving to work. Work punishes you for creating interesting life experiences, or being late.

These shots were taken outside of a laundromat that had a Saturday grand opening. He and his girlfriend were purifying their garments of sin. I asked the gentleman if I could take a few shots. He indulged my whimsy. He told me that he is an artist with a passion for drawing and playing music. Hence the title “Local Artist.”

These are two best shots from the set.