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The Saved Corridor – The Story Part 1 of 2:

The inspiration for the upcoming album “The Saved Corridor” came from the unlikely relationship of yoga and the Resident Evil video game franchise. 

Within these survival horror games, you fight an evil global consortium that leaked a horrific virus onto the masses that turned them into zombies. Each game is fraught with flesh-eaters, mutant bioweapons, puzzles, and urgent sudden death endings. Your state of being ranges from frustration to cardiac arrest. 

However, these games of terror and mystifying game physics contain locations called “save rooms.” These are rooms where you can save your game (if it has a typewriter) and no monster or villain can affect you. 

Once you recognize this fact, a great relief comes over you. Ah, a breath or two before I try to kill those two zombie hounds. Maybe I’ll organize my gear, patch myself up, reflect on my poor life choices, etc. 

This calm reflection is shrouded by an ambient lullaby, eternally repeating the sweet serenity of the Save Room. 

It was a memory that intersected with a yoga practice one day in early 2011. The thought occurred to create a soundtrack for a class that was similar to that feeling I got from the save room in Resident Evil: 

inner calm beneath uncertain darkness.

To think some people say games have no artistic merit…